Hulk will make a new friend during Avengers: Infinity War in Rocket Raccoon. Excitement is in the air for the upcoming slate of Marvel Cinematic Universe films, not only because Thor: Ragnarok is starting to roll out in theaters, but thanks to Infinity War being right around the corner. It may seem like Marvel Studios’ most ambitious film is not that close, but the reality is it will be in cinemas worldwide in about six months. The anticipation has only just begun and will surely ramp up once the marketing campaign begins – and Marvel finally releases the first Avengers: Infinity War trailer.

There are plenty of reasons to be excited for Infinity War – such as the long-awaited arrival of Thanos – but one of the main ones is the chance to see any individual’s personal favorite character on screen with many of their others. We’ve been promised plenty of crossover and character interactions, and they will hopefully deliver in some fun pairings.

One such pairing and budding friendship has now been revealed thanks to Mark Ruffalo. In an interview with USA Today, Ruffalo teased what lies ahead for Bruce Banner and his alter ego, Hulk. Apparently, one of the highlights will be his friendship with Rocket Raccoon. Ruffalo not only confirmed this relationship, but also teased the fun dynamic of the two.
It’s a very funny relationship that the two of them have: First of all, it’s the biggest superhero and the smallest. Just keeping them in a frame together is a feat and hilarious in itself.

Rocket and Hulk may be incredibly different in their size, but there are more similarities between them than meet the eye. First off, both CGI creations have a bit of a temper problem, but that is clearly a bigger issue for Banner. However, should Banner be able to calm himself in these interactions, the brain power between the two is substantial and could provide for some great exchanges (probably as they try to figure out a way to stop The Mad Titan).

Visually, it will be a gag worth seeing, but it shouldn’t be terribly different than Rocket being paired up with Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Hulk is bigger and bulkier without question, so the proportion will be slightly more noticeable. Rocket has shown a knack for climbing on the shoulders of Groot during a fight and this pairing could allow for a similar interaction to happen. Ruffalo’s tease is sure to get fans excited to see this team-up specifically, but with almost every Marvel hero set to be in play, it will hardly be the only one. The two characters are fan-favorites on their own after all, so the two of them together should provide for some very memorable moments.