WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Star Wars: The Last Jedi

One of Star Wars: The Last Jedi ‘s most shocking moments was secretly teased long ahead of time. Not every viewer will have caught the playful foreshadowing, or even most, since it’s sandwiched in one of the most thrilling scenes of the movie: the resurrection of Leia Organa through the power of The Force. Which means while most Star Wars fans were celebrating Leia’s return to life , the filmmakers were teasing the catastrophic fate of the First Order’s most colossal starship.

Since The Last Jedi has several superweapons and massive constructs, we’ll specify: we’re talking about the fate of Supreme Leader Snoke’s enormous Mega-Class Star Destroyer, the Supremacy . The biggest ship yet seen in the movie series, it posed a threat too great for any conventional attack or sabotage. Which is why some shockingly unconventional tactics finally saw it crippled to kick of the movie’s final act.

The audience may have been stunned to see the Supremacy shattered (along with the trailing ships)… but Leia had already given the twist away.

The Resurrection of Leia (Fans Were Focused on Instead)

In the end, the 60-kilometer-long Supremacy crewed by millions of First Order personnel is only broken after Supreme Leader Snoke has been murdered by Kylo Ren. With the ship taking shots at the fleeing Resistance transports, Admiral Amilyn Holdo gets behind the controls of the final Resistance vessel as the only soldier left behind. Bringing the ship around, she warms up the hyperdrive, plots a course straight through the Supremacy – and punches it. The physics at play make it a breathtaking sight: the vessel disappears in a streak of light, followed an instant later by the damage of its path (and shrapnel) eviscerating the First Order fleet in a blink.

But does some of the credit for the brilliant sacrifice also belong to Leia Organa? It was Leia who trusted Admiral Holdo to perform heroically in her absence, but that’s not quite what we’re getting at. If Admiral Holdo were watching Leia’s near-death rescue along with Poe, Finn, and Rose, the Force-wielding General may have given her the whole idea just thirty minutes into The Last Jedi. To see what we mean, make sure you pay attention the next time the scene of Leia’s resurrection begins.

Leia Shows The Future Destruction of The Supremacy

Once the shock of the explosion on the Raddus’s bridge wears off, Leia’s seemingly instinctive connection to The Force rouses her back to her senses. Outstretching a hand, she projects herself through the vacuum of space and through the wreckage of the ship’s vented bridge. To make it to the nearest airlock Leia coasts in and through what remains the bridge… including a toppled holographic display of the pursuing ships.

Focused only on the airlock, Leia propels herself straight through the hologram of the Supremacy – in the exact same spot and trajectory that Holdo will travel nearly ninety minutes later. Leia’s path proves just as devastating, causing the hologram to flicker and fail, meaning even this version of Snoke’s flagship is no more.-

It’s a clever detail on the filmmakers and digital artists’ part, and a bit of direct foreshadowing that fans are guaranteed to spot and appreciate on repeat viewings. And if we’re trying to be even more generous, perhaps this clever Star Wars Easter Egg will give the fans left… ‘unsatisfied’ by the scene something else to focus on. Leia’s Force powers were Carrie Fisher’s idea, but scenes leaning so heavily on The Force are guaranteed to stir up strong opinions. Now, a glimpse of the future can be folded in with Leia’s supernatural abilities.

The victory and heroism of delivering a killing blow to the Supremacy still belongs to Admiral Amilyn Holdo. But this small detail proves that The Force works in truly mysterious ways.