Game of Thrones brought its seventh season to an end with an insane (and revelatory) finale that has set the stage for a truly intense final year of action. The pace of Season 7 was incredibly fast as characters who spent six years on opposite sides of the world crossed paths for the first time, and it felt like we were getting a grand battle in every single episode. Now, the numbers are in for the Season 7 finale, called "The Dragon and the Wolf," and they prove that an awful lot of people have been on board with all the twists and turns of the seventh season.

"The Dragon and the Wolf" was watched by a whopping 12.1 million viewers during its initial run on HBO on August 27. The episode was a massive undertaking, and can almost qualify as a feature film, clocking in at nearly 80 minutes long. The 12.1 million got a big boost once the numbers from the first replay, HBO Go, and HBO Now were added. The grand total of viewers after only one day is 16.5 million people. The number marks a brand new viewership record for Game of Thrones.