Spider-Man: Homecoming has surpassed Sam Raimi’s original Spider-Man to become the second highest-grossing Spidey film to date. Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios’ landmark partnership to share the eponymous superhero, thus allowing the latter studio to use the character in their critically-acclaimed cinematic universe, is really paying off. The Marvel-produced film directed by Jon Watts stars Tom Holland as Peter Parker and Michael Keaton as the Vulture, along with Robert Downey Jr. and Jon Favreau reprising their beloved roles as Tony Stark and Happy Hogan, respectively.

The movie opened to $117 million at the domestic box office back in July. Although that was was considerably less than Spider-Man 3‘s first weekend ($151 million) in 2007, and despite the film’s second-week box office drop-off concerning some people, Homecoming has since roared back and grossed more than $300 million to date. It has already surpassed both of Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man movies at both the domestic and worldwide box office and recently passed Iron Man‘s domestic gross – and it can still go much higher, thanks to the film opening in new markets.

Spider-Man: Homecoming opened in China this past weekend, where it has already pulled in more than $23 million, with the potential to outgross every other Spider-Man film in the country. Combing that opening weekend total with the movie’s performance in other markets, including its $2 million estimated take at this weekend’s domestic box office, Homecoming’s current cume resides at just over $823 million globally, thus making it the second-highest grossing Spider-Man movie to date (behind Spider-Man 3), according to Box Office Mojo. That puts the movie past Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman, which has grossed $816.3 million globally, although still a little behind James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which has grossed $863.3 million worldwide.

Homecoming was originally supposed to release in China around the same time it hit theaters in the United States, but the country had suddenly reinstated their infamous blackout of foreign (read: Hollywood) films throughout the summer season, thereby allowing domestic releases to shine (e.g. Wolf Warrior II, which has garnered $850 million in China alone). Homecoming finally released this past weekend, whereas a few other Hollywood productions managed to hit theaters in China last week, such as Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk.

Previous Spider-Man movies, with the exception of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, were never major hits in China. However, the MCU and especially Downey Jr.’s Iron Man have certainly found success in the foreign market. Considering that Homecoming features Iron Man and exists with the MCU, it’s not too surprising that Homecoming is performing as well as it is – and it absolutely can gross much more than it already has there. If so, then it definitely stands a chance at beating Spider-Man 3‘s unadjusted gross to become the highest-grossing Spidey film to date.