Ezra Miller is about to blow up in a major way. Although he's become an incredibly popular actor in smaller indie roles, he has never really stepped up to any major blockbusters -- until now. The 24-year-old will soon become a household name this November with his role as Credence in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, as well as Barry Allen in Justice League which will hit theaters one year later. He seems incredibly excited about the opportunity, but more for the toys than anything else. The actor explained:

I think about this...quite a lot. I'm really excited for my action figures. I will have all of them. I will have the heaviest collected versions of them hopefully with like exchangeable suits, maybe some sort of like toy where it fits in the little hand, the little plastic hand. Yeah, that's gonna be very weird. I do imagine that that will be odd. But I'm down.

I definitely wanna make Credence and The Flash have a little battle. Yeah that part of this stuff-- I mean like, going into a room where there's maybe actually one thousand cameras surrounding you so that they can take a picture, so that they can like calculate your skeleton. So that they can make a mold of your body and it's beyond me like, genuinely, way over my head.

But I'm really enjoying all aspects of the process and-- Yeah, I'm really hoping to milk this whole experience for as many action figures as I can get. Not just action figures of myself, which is obviously cool for its own reasons, but just action figures in general from both of the worlds I'm involved in.

During a recent Fantastic Beasts set visit, Ezra Miller explained that part of his excitement towards taking part in two major Warner Bros. blockbusters revolves around the opportunity to pick up some awesome merchandise along the way. He's clearly enjoyed the process of making Fantastic Beasts as well as Justice League, but he seems particularly enamored with the process in which thousands of cameras are used to take 3D models of actors, and subsequently turn them into action figures. According to the actor: he plans on getting as any of these figurines as possible, and have them battle one another.

I can't exactly say that I blame Ezra Miller for being this excited. If I had the opportunity to star in the Harry Potter universe, as well as the DCEU, I would also hoard as many action figures of myself as possible.

If nothing else, this serves as a major reminder of why we love Ezra Miller -- he is all of us. The actor brings a distinct sense of enthusiasm to all of his roles, and he has clearly had an amazing time working on both of these WB tentpole blockbusters. This seems particularly notable for the DCEU, as his enthusiasm and lighthearted nature has already helped the Justice League marketing take the DC cinematic universe to a far lighter and more hopeful place, which is something that universe has certainly benefited from.

Make sure to check out Ezra Miller in all of his major upcoming blockbusters. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will hit theaters next month on November 18, and Justice League will debut next year on November 17, 2017.