New photos give us our best look yet at the re-designed Predator suit from Shane Black's The Predator. The extra-terrestrial big-game hunter from 1987's action classic Predator is back on earth and ready to create more carnage in the new reboot from Black, who both acted in and co-wrote the original. The first Predator was followed by the sequel Predator 2, then came a pair of Alien vs. Predator spinoff films, and finally a second proper sequel entitled Predators.

The new film stars Jacob Tremblay as a young boy who accidentally puts out a call that brings the Predators crashing down to suburbia (in some kind of apparent shout-out to E.T.). Now, a band of misfit soldiers called "the Looneys" must team up to protect the people of Earth from the deadly alien hunters. But these Predators are even more powerful than the ones who visited before, having upgraded themselves using DNA from the various species they've hunted across the galaxy. The new movie will also feature re-designed Hell-hounds, in addition to other new creatures.

Recent Predator trailers and TV spots have given us our first tantalizing glimpses of what the new Predator will look like. Now, a pair of photos from 20th Century Fox's presentation at Barcelona's CineEurope afford us a better look at the re-designed Predator cooked up by effects studio ADI (via AVP Galaxy). See the images below:

This however is only one version of the Predator that will appear in the new movie. Reportedly, the movie features three different "classic" Predators together with a 10-foot-tall giant super-Predator. As the Predators have been hybridizing themselves using the DNA of their victims, there's opportunity for some variation among the different designs, as well as new skills for the Predators to utilize as they go about hunting down their human prey. The glimpses we've seen of the new Predators have thus far arguably not been very impressive, but it's very possible the real surprises are being held back until the film actually releases.

The Predator stars Boyd Holbrook, Keegan-Michael Key, Sterling K. Brown, Olivia Munn, Trevante Rhodes, Thomas Jane, Alfie Allen, Jake Busey and Yvonne Strahovksi.