Ever wonder what exactly Al Pacino was putting up his nose in Scarface or what Seth Rogen is actually smoking in virtually all his movies?

The serious researchers at UpVoted.com (Via Independent.Co.Uk) asked a Hollywood prop master, Jeff Butcher, just what actors are smoking, drinking, and ingesting on a regular basis.

According to Butcher, whose credits include Requiem for a Dream and Liam Neeson's Non-Stop, actual cigarettes were used until new regulations prohibited product placement from Big Tobacco. Nowadays, there are a number of brands that offer non-addictive herbal cigarettes, like Ecstasy Cigarettes and Honeyrose. There are even places that offer fake weed, like International Oddities that provided all the bud Seth Rogen and James Franco smoked in Pineapple Express.

As for cocaine, basically any benign white powder will do. In particular powdered milk and baking soda are favored, as well as vitamin B powder. Heroin use is usually implied, but sometimes prop masters will use trick needles that retract when pushed down.