In a new PSA from Alamo Drafthouse, Goofer from The Happytime Murders warns moviegoers not to talk in the theater or else they will be labeled movief—kers and shunned by society. The Happytime Murders stars Melissa McCarthy along with a host of foul-mouthed puppets in what looks to be the most outrageous and potentially offensive puppet-related movie since Team America: World Police. The plot concerns a disgraced LAPD detective turned private eye investigating the mysterious murders of the cast members of an '80s children's TV show.

Even before its release, Happytime Murders found itself embroiled in controversy after the film was sued by Sesame Street for a trailer joke they claimed “tarnished” their wholesome brand and could potentially confuse fans into thinking Sesame Street endorsed the R-rated movie. A judge ultimately found in favor of STX Entertainment and Happytime Murders, ruling that fans would not be confused by the trailer’s Sesame Street referencing jokes.

After successfully taking on Sesame Street, The Happytime Murders is now trying to do something about a genuine ill plaguing society: the scourge of people talking in movie theaters. In a new PSA (via Alamo Drafthouse) Goofer from Happytime Murders warns film patrons not to be “movief—kers” by talking or texting in the theater. See the very effective public service announcement above.

Looking like a bedragged, drug-addled version of Grover, Goofer warns audiences that not only will they receive a very unflattering label if they disrupt movie screenings with their rude talking and device use, they will also be shunned by society, lose all their friends and wind up living in a cardboard box. Worse than that, they’ll get hooked on hard candy and spiral into a puddle of shame and regret.

As has already been amply demonstrated by previous trailers for The Happytime Murders, this is a movie filled with lots of bad puppet behavior. Are rude puppets something audiences might embrace in late August when the pickings generally become thin as regards movie options? That remains to be seen. But The Happytime Murders is definitely doing a solid job in terms of marketing, and that Sesame Street lawsuit certainly didn't hurt from a publicity point-of-view. Any movie that makes Sesame Street fear for its image is doing something right in terms of being provocative.

The Happytime Murders was directed by Brian Henson and written by Erich Hoeber, Jon Hoeber, Todd Berger, Dee Robertson. The movie also stars Elizabeth Banks, Maya Rudolph, Joel McHale, Bill Barretta and Jimmy O. Yang.

Release Date:

  • The Happytime Murders (2018) release date: Aug 24, 2018