Before it was released in the summer of 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy represented a great unknown for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was an adaptation of a very obscure comic book title that even some devout fans were unfamiliar with. But thanks to a combination of great marketing and positive reviews, the film became one of the biggest hits in the franchise, earning $773.3 million worldwide. Now, the oddball collection of characters are household names and just as marketable as the main Avengers team. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is one of the most anticipated Phase 3 installments, and fans can’t wait to see the gang back in action.

Marvel is owned by Disney, and that fact creates numerous opportunities to capitalize on the property’s popularity by taking it beyond the big screen. During Marvel’s Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2016, it was announced that Guardians of the Galaxy would be getting its own Disneyland attraction, called Mission: BREAKOUT, which will take the place of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney California Adventure. Fans curious to get a sneak peek at the ride can check out the newly released preview video above (hat tip CBR).

The Tower of Terror is being transformed into the Collector’s fortress, with a miniature model being used as a reference point for the construction. Inside are members of the Guardians, who have been captured by the Collector and are on display. Park attendees will enter the attraction as the Collector’s VIP guests and team up with Rocket Raccoon to break them out of the facility – hence, the name.

One of the key selling points of Mission: BREAKOUT is that it will feature “randomized ride experiences,” meaning that each time out has the possibility of a different adventure. This is a smart element, as it will probably lead to repeat business. As fun as fighting with Rocket sounds, things could get a little stale if it was the same bit over and over again. The attraction will also include new audio and visual effects, as well as music from the movie’s popular soundtrack. From the sound of it, Disney went the extra mile here, and hopefully Mission: BREAKOUT can live up to its on-paper potential when it opens next summer.

While brief, the preview video does a nice job of detailing the hard work and effort that’s being put into designing the Collector’s lair, with the attention that it be eye-catching both during the day and at night. The elaborate building consists of numerous materials and colors, giving it a stunning other-worldly appearance. It’s easy to see how visitors would be drawn to this, even before all the other Guardians aspects are added. It’s unfortunate that the popular Tower of Terror ride had to be closed to make this happen, but Disney is making sure they do everything they can in order to make it worth it.

Mission: BREAKOUT is only happening at Disneyland in California, but reports are suggesting there could be a Guardians themed roller coaster at Walt Disney World’s (in Florida) EPCOT. Disney’s recent acquisitions of Marvel and Lucasfilm are starting to take over their parks, as Star Wars Land is coming through the pipeline and will be open soon. Given the popularity of the Mouse House’s mega franchises, these decisions are warranted and should bring in a nice amount of revenue for the company. Both brands are going to be around for a long time, and everyone wants a piece of the pie.

Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT opens at Disneyland in California during summer 2017.