Marvel has just launched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in select international markets and they’re already seeing big returns. The first film in their latest franchise was thought to be a big risk for the studio and the MCU as a whole, but still stands as one of the most beloved additions to the canon. Much of this can be attributed to director James Gunn’s style and ability to build out the Marvel Cosmic Universe, as well as featuring a dynamic group of heroes. Thanks to the love for Guardians of the Galaxy, the sequel has been a highly anticipated movie for this year.

While domestic audiences will have to wait a few more days to see the Guardians’ latest adventure, it has already debuted in a number of countries overseas. This may be just the first weekend, but Vol. 2 matched expectations and is already off to a great start.

Deadline is reporting that Vol. 2 grossed $101.2 million in its opening weekend internationally. This total comes from the sequel launching in 37 markets, with all but three seeing Vol. 2 be the top earner in each individual market. The biggest openings so far are attributed to UK ($15.5M), Australia ($11.6M), Germany ($8.3M), France ($7.9M), and Mexico ($7.6M).

This should be just the beginning of a large total when everything is said and done. The first Guardians of the Galaxy grossed $773.3M worldwide, with $440M of that coming from non-domestic territories, giving it the highest total for any non-Avengers film or sequel. With $100M already under its belt, Vol. 2 should have no problem surpassing its predecessor and be one of the five biggest earners in the history of the MCU.

The movie is set to debut in the United States this coming weekend, and projections have it tapped to pull in $150-160M (or even more). This would be a big increase to the original’s $94M opening. If Vol. 2 can hit or surpass these projections, it will be one step closer to being one of the bigger hits of 2017.

These projections could very well still be affected by the critical response to the movie as well. Even though the reviews are still positive – with the film already being certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes – they are not as glowing as the reviews for the first film. However, the success of the first also came from word of mouth, so the general public’s reaction could be the real deciding factor. Repeat viewings from Marvel fans is a given at this point, but the more that general audiences like the movie and are eager to go back for a second visit will only further push Vol. 2‘s box office.