Don't text in movie theaters, kids. For the last few days, a certain court case involving Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 has gone viral, mostly due to how silly the whole thing is. A woman was sued by her date for texting repeatedly during a screening the Marvel sequel, and when she wouldn't pay back her date, he sued her for $17.31 (the price of a 3D ticket). Now she's finally met face-to-face with her date to resolve the matter, and relented with her $17.31 in lieu of actually going to court over texting.

Crystal Cruz and Brandon Vezmar have met face-to-face for the first time after their famous first date to settle things. The two were brought together by Inside Edition, who had Cruz and Vezmar meet in front of the movie theater where the date occurred. Cruz ended up apologizing and paying back Vezmar his $17.31. She told Vezmar:

The date just didn't work out and I would love to give you your $17.31 if you can just leave this alone.

Vezmar accepted the apology and the case has been dropped, thus ending the saga of the weirdest court case in recent memory. If you haven't been keeping up with the sage, Crystal Cruz and Brandon Vezmar met on the dating app Bumble, where they arranged to have a first date at a 3D showing of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in Austin, Texas. However, Cruz was apparently texting during the movie, which became a distraction to Vezmar. As Cruz tells it, she was receiving texts from a friend who was making sure that she was safe on her date and she only replied two or three times. Vezmar asked her to "take it outside" when the texting persisted, and Cruz got up, left, and never returned. Vezmar contacted Cruz the next with a message demanding that she repay him the ticket price (the elusive $17.31) or he would file a case in small claims court.

Cruz initially laughed it off, believing the request to be "insane," a decision she might regret now that the story has nationwide attention.

The case quickly hit the news cycle, garnering more attention than either party probably expected. Even James Gunn, the director of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 threw in his own two cents on the matter, jokingly writing that Cruz should get "jail time" for her offense. Tim League, CEO of Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas -- a theater chain that's pretty strict about its no texting policy -- weighed in on the matter, disliking the idea of a superfluous lawsuit but agreeing with Vezmar's comments about the texting incident being a "threat to civilized society."

Well the case is over now, and at least now we all now that should someone annoy us with texting, we can always just sue them to get our way.