In a recent interview, Green Lantern Corps writer and producer Geoff Johns insisted that the upcoming film canít just be DCís Guardians of the Galaxy. Earlier this year, Warner Brothers announced that Johns would pen the script for the upcoming Worlds of DC film, Green Lantern Corps. Fans were thrilled by the announcement, and after years of stagnation, it seemed like the project was finally moving forward.

Johns is seemingly the perfect fit for the film, having previously written the most successful and acclaimed Green Lantern comics run in recent memory. He did, however, have a creative role in the failed Ryan Reynolds-led Green Lantern in 2011. With that in mind, many are still wary that Warner Brothers can make a faithful adaptation. The main reason being that Green Lantern may be one of the hardest DC properties to translate to film. Its cosmic roots and colorful characters can make it a practical nightmare, which is why the first film was heavily CGIíd. Regardless of the practical issues, Marvelís Guardians of the Galaxy proved that it was possible to make a great film based on cosmic comic book characters. Because Guardians of the Galaxy was such a success, many have suggested that Green Lantern Corps could be DCís Guardians of the Galaxy.

In a recent interview with Johns, Colliderís Steve Weintraub made a comment about how Guardians of the Galaxy opened the door for cosmic-based comic book films. In response, Johns insisted that Green Lantern Corps canít be DCís version of Guardians of the Galaxy:

ďI agree, in both a similar way and a very different way too. You know, because [Green Lantern Corps] canít just be DCís Guardians of the Galaxy. Because James Gunn did such a great job on that. But, itís what Iím spending my time on, what Iím looking at and putting it on the white board. Iím writing it and really taking everything into account because thatís what you do. Youíre not starting from ground zero. [Green Lantern Corps] is connected to everything, the comics, the zeitgeist and other films. There is a lot to take in and to redirect. Iím trying to do what I did in the comics and do a Rebirth, and really reintroduce a group of characters.Ē

Johns was careful not to reveal any details regarding his plan for the film, but he made a solid point. Green Lantern Corps really canít be DCís Guardians of the Galaxy. The two share a similar cosmic setting, but beyond that, they exist in different universes. Itís a lot like the comparisons drawn between Wonder Woman and Captain America: The First Avenger. Sure, they share similar story beats and characteristics, but they are completely different films. They each brought something new to a classic story, while also fitting within their own unique cinematic universe. Green Lantern Corps will likely take some cues from Guardians of the Galaxy, but its tone and characters will probably be something completely different.

Itís also worth noting that Johns seems genuinely excited to be writing the script for Green Lantern Corps. It sounds like he is taking his time to make sure that they get it right. Given the failure of Green Lantern, itís not surprising that Warner Brothers would try to learn from their past mistakes, but they seem to be putting in a lot of effort to make sure Green Lantern Corps succeeds. Hopefully, Warner Brothers and DC will release more information regarding the film, but for now, at least fans can rest assured that Green Lantern Corps is on the right path.

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