A new report indicates that next season on Gotham will finally show young Bruce Wayne on his way to becoming Batman. While it’s been a few decades since the Dark Knight had a live-action TV show, he’s certainly been teased over the years in various superhero properties from DC. With the debut of Gotham, Bruce Wayne once again joined television, albeit in a much earlier stage of his life than audiences were used to. The prequel-like nature of the series has allowed it to explore the growth of the titular city, while teasing out the rise of various villains and heroes from the comics.

All throughout this process, however, Bruce has slowly been looking more and more like Gotham’s future savior. He’s learned more about detective work, life on the streets, and even self-defense, all while gathering the early ideas for his eventual costumed persona. With the recent word that the show has been renewed for season 4, many fans are hoping that more concrete steps will be taken to turn Bruce into the man that will one day don the cape and cowl. Now, it looks as if they may be getting their wish.

Den of Geek E-I-C Mike Cecchini is on hand at FOX’s upfronts, which is offering early glimpses at the network’s fall lineup of shows. According to his initial report from the event regarding Gotham, the plan will be to start shaping David Mazouz into the Caped Crusader in the upcoming season.

Fox is teasing that #Gotham season 4 begins Bruce's transformation into Batman. #FoxUpfront
— Mike Cecchini (@wayoutstuff) May 15, 2017
While the news will certainly excite fans, there’s only so much Bruce can start to look like Batman without many more season of Gotham. While he began the show as a pre-teen, the writers have flubbed his age a bit as Mazouz has grown and time has passed due to production. Still, Bruce is a few years away from the youngest version of Batman we’ve ever seen. As such, his transformation in season 4 will likely involve more detective and fight training.

Of course, Gotham has taken plenty of liberties with its characters in the past. While it’s hard to imagine Mazouz ever suiting up on the series, we could see a proto-Batman emerge in the coming season. Smallville spent 10 seasons playing with this concept, so it certainly wouldn’t be a first for DCTV. Whatever form Bruce’s journey will take, Gotham will certainly benefit from his ascension to a hero.

The villains are running rampant on the show, and even Gordon seems likely to join their ranks. Meanwhile, Penguin is looming large and Barnes is coming back deadlier than ever. The show may be changing nights, but the action doesn’t look to be slowing down next season.

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