Plus, director Rupert Sanders talks about his hopes and goals for the unique-looking film.

Ahead of its release this week, a new extended clip from Ghost in the Shell has arrived. Posted by PlayStation, the video shows off nine minutes of footage from the highly anticipated movie.

The clip begins by showing Scarlett Johansson's Major awaking in a medical bay before she sets out on a mission that involves an intense firefight. It's a visually impressive sequence, for sure. Take a look:

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Ghost in the Shell director Rupert Sanders talked about the challenge of translating the anime into a live-action movie.

"I first returned to the visual language of the original manga, which really caught my imagination. That imagery has enraptured fans all over the world and it was the cornerstone for us as we developed the movie," he said. "We didn't want to copy it frame for frame, but we also didn't want to reinvent it from the ground up since it is so essential to how fans experience the story.

"My goal was to build a bigger film around the source material while honoring the heart and philosophical essence, as well as the iconic images that have made the story universally popular."

Sanders also talked about Ghost in the Shell's central character, Major, who he described as being "powerful, sexual, and just a fundamentally exciting character." She is both human and machine, which make for a very interesting and multi-faceted character, Sanders said.

"Although there are conversations about humanity, technology, and dualism, our film is primarily a journey of discovery," he said. "Major is in pursuit of a bad guy, but she finds herself asking who this guy is and what his motivations are. As she follows each lead, she starts to understand that her path and his path are closer than she thought."

Ghost in the Shell offers a take on humanity where people and technology have fused such that no one completely knows what's going on.

"And that's the heart of this film, as well as the original manga: Who are we? What makes us human? How do we define humanity? These are the questions Major is seeking to answer, along with the rest of us," Sanders said.

Ghost In The Shell also stars Pilou Asbęk, Takeshi Kitano, Juliette Binoche, and Michael Pitt. If you're more interested in seeing a trailer, you can watch the latest one here.