There is no denying that Peter Dinklage’s Tyrion Lannister is one of the biggest players on HBO’s Game of Thrones, but a dark new theory suggests that the smooth-talking Imp could be set to lose his tongue in Season 8.

What Tyrion lacks in size, he certainly makes up for in intelligence. From saving Jon Snow from the Night’s Watch to talking Queen Daenerys round into not roasting him alive, Tyrion has got himself out of some pretty sticky situations across the fantasy epic’s run. Apart from being sentenced to death for a crime he didn’t commit and being shipped in a box to Pentos, Tyrion has had it relatively easy compared to some of the show’s more unfortunate players – just look at House Stark. However, as the Seven Kingdoms move toward their endgame, has Tyrion’s luck finally run out?

According to YouTuber Alt Shift X, Tyrion could be about to go without his biggest weapon at the most critical time in his life.

The video reminds us that Thrones has a twisted taste for cutting out tongues, noting that characters like Illyn Payne and the singing Marillion both lost theirs for badmouthing those who sit on the Iron Throne. Well, when did you last hear Tyrion say anything nice about Queen Cersei? Heading to the books as well, both Bronn and Oberyn warned that someone would cut out Tyrion’s tongue one day, while the novel A Dance With Dragons saw the Imp joke that he should do it himself to save the trouble. So, if Dinklage really is heading to a mute swansong to his tenure as Tyrion, who is the most likely to carry out this dastardly deed?

Top of the list is obviously Tyrion’s sister. Despite Jaime clearing Tyrion’s name over the murder of Joffrey Baratheon, don’t expect the wicked Cersei to be any more lenient on her brother. In season 7, we saw the ruler of the realm exact her sadistic revenge on the Sand Snakes and Ellaria Sand, so just imagine what she would do to her hated sibling. Secondly, with Pilou Asbęk Euron Greyjoy set to continue his villainous streak in season 8, his penchant for plucking out the tongues of his crew may come in handy. Tyrion and Euron are presumably going to meet at some point in the final six episodes, and it is easy to imagine that the salty pirate won’t have much patience with the smart-talking dwarf.

It is important to remember that George R.R. Martin isn’t afraid to take some pretty important assets away from the people of Westeros. Ned Stark lost his head, Theon Greyjoy his manhood, and even Tyrion’s brother Jaime lost his hand. With that, Alt Shift X also points out that Tyrion is effectively the only Lannister not to lose anything so far. Not only losing his ability as a swordsman, Jaime has lost all of his children, while Cersei lost the same and her beauty thanks to the High Sparrow chopping her hair and forcing her on the walk of atonement. Martin is known for balancing the scales (eventually) and also promised a bittersweet ending to the whole “A Song of Ice and Fire” saga, so Tyrion losing his tongue would be some ironic just desserts. What’s up Tyrion, Cat (Stark) got your tongue?