A recent casting for Game of Thrones season 8 seems to indicate that viewers haven’t quite seen the last of the notorious House Frey. Based on the A Song Of Ice And Fire book series by George R. R. Martin, HBO’s Game of Thrones wrapped up its penultimate season earlier this year and is currently busy filming its eighth and final outing that will consist of a reduced six episodes.

Memorably, Game of Thrones kicked off its seventh season with Arya Stark exacting revenge for the infamous Red Wedding as she single-handedly took down House Frey, having crossed their leader Walder off of her kill list in the previous season. Although Arya made a point to leave the women of House Frey alive – they were also victims of Walder’s treachery, after all – she left the family with no male heirs and the Freys have not been seen on screen since. As such, many viewers perhaps assumed that the Stark/Frey feud had been put to bed ahead of Westeros’ mighty showdown been the living and the dead.

Apparently not, however, as a recent casting for Game of Thrones season 8 seems to point towards a new member of House Frey. According to respected GOT fan-site, Watchers On The Wall, actress Danielle Galligan has been cast as a character named Sarra. In George R. R. Martin’s source material, Sarra is a granddaughter of Walder Frey.

The ginger-haired Sarra Frey has already debuted very briefly in Game of Thrones back in the show’s third season and before the Red Wedding, Walder Frey told Robb Stark that he could’ve had the option of marrying Sarra, her twin sister Serra or “both, for all I care.” Although this new character could potentially be an entirely unrelated character, it would be odd for Game of Thrones to introduce a woman of the same name, with the same unusual spelling, having already featured the character in a previous season.

Assuming the Sarra in season 8 is indeed Sarra Frey, it perhaps seems strange that a House many fans likely assumed was finished would make a return when there are so many other plot threads to still tie up. After all, the Freys betrayed the Starks, Arya got her revenge, surely that’s the end of it? Is there really enough space in the remaining six episodes to re-introduce House Frey?

While it might be too late in the series to reignite the Stark/Frey feud, it would be an interesting development if House Frey were to actually align with their former foes. By killing only the males of House Frey, Arya essentially freed Walder’s daughters and granddaughters from a life of torment and it’s entirely feasible that these women see the face-changing Stark assassin as an idol or a leader. If Sarra took charge of House Frey after her grandfather’s demise, could season 8 see her forge an allegiance with Arya and House Stark and aid them in the battle against the White Walkers?