Game of Thrones’ Brienne of Tarth actor, Gwendoline Christie, has teased her character’s reaction to Littlefinger’s death. Petyr Baelish, the master manipulator played by Aidan Gillen, was killed by Arya on Sansa’s orders while Brienne was out of town representing the Starks’ best interests at the massive meeting in King’s Landing.

Littlefinger’s death scene has been a big discussion point in the wake of the Game of Thrones season 7 finale. Gillen himself has refused to divulge what his character’s last words would’ve been, while Isaac Hempstead Wright has teased the existence of a deleted scene – one that would bridge the gap between the Stark sisters arguing among themselves and the show-stopping Littlefinger execution sequence. The removal of the said scene has left fans to speculate on how exactly Sansa exposed Littlefinger’s crimes.

Now Christie has weighed in on the brutal butchering of Lord Baelish. Brienne was clearly very skeptical about Littlefinger’s continued presence in Winterfell, but would she support Sansa’s decision to slice his throat in a hall filled with allies? Will Brienne return to Winterfell and pat Sansa on the back for a job well done? Christie addressed these questions in an interview with British newspaper The Daily Express:

Brienne doesn’t believe in dispatching a life unless it’s absolutely necessary. Unless it’s official”, Christie said, before adding proof from the show to back up that point. “Look at the way she beheaded Stannis. She essentially read him his rights. Although it was loaded with emotion for her, she presented it in a very official, formal way, with great nobility.”

“I don’t know how Brienne will react to people taking matters into their own hands at Winterfell”, Christie added, stopping short of explicitly stating that Brienne’s reaction will be a negative one. But that is clearly implied in her next statement: “Brienne is about a code of honor, a code of conduct, and she never kills anyone just for the sake of it.”

However, Christie knows that the situation is more complicated than that, “because Brienne’s made her oath to Catelyn Stark to protect the Stark girls”. How can she rally against Sansa when she wasn’t there to protect her from Littlefinger? Perhaps Game of Thrones season 8 will see the relationship between Brienne and Sansa getting even more strained. Fans might get to find out where Brienne’s breaking point is, and whether she can uphold that oath going forward.