Mark-Paul Gosselaar, (Pitch, Saved By The Bell) has signed on to star in FOX’s upcoming vampire drama The Passage. The project, which is based on the novel of the same name by Justin Cronin, is set in a version of our world where a virus has turned humans into monsters who live on human blood (known as ‘virals’). The story centers on a young girl named Amy, who has a unique ability to communicate with the virals, and who is wanted by the government for her talents.

The series was ordered to pilot in January, after the original plans for a feature-film were scrapped. The Passage pilot will be written by Liz Heldens (Friday Night Lights), with Matt Reeves set to direct. Now, the project moves forward with a casting announcement, as Gosselaar signs on, alongside Saniyaa Sidney and B.J. Britt.

Gosselaar will star as Brad Wolgast, as reported by THR. Brad is the FBI agent who is assigned to kidnap Amy from foster care and bring her in for experimentation. Recovering from his own personal issues, Wolgast ends up fleeing with Amy, rather than hand her over. Amy herself will be portrayed by Sidney (Hidden Figures), who is described as “wise beyond her years, a physically fit, outspoken, smart, self-possessed girl.” Finally, Britt (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), has also signed on as Peter, a “weary young man who exudes rough authority”.

Gosselaar, Sidney, and Britt will be joined by Genesis Rodriguez, Brianne Howey, and Jennifer Ferrin. Rodriguez will play Alicia, a friend and love interest for Peter. Howey appears as Shauna, a death row inmate who is set to be used by the government as an experimental subject. Ferrin will portray Sarah, a nurse who is treating the infected and dying.

There is no news yet on when The Passage may be coming to the network, as this casting is for the pilot, and the project has not yet been ordered to series. However, this is a fantastic cast, and with Gosselaar coming off a previous FOX series, things are looking good for this new vampire drama. Of course, it is still early days for the project, and it’s possible that this long-in-development adaptation doesn’t make it to series at all. Screen Rant will keep you updated as the story develops.