A new set of posters introduces the characters of Flatliners. Remaking films is a tradition going back to the early days of Hollywood, although itís hard to argue that the practice gets more and more common with each passing decade. Especially prone to the remake treatment is the horror genre, since the original films usually didnít cost that much to begin with, and the horror fan base tends to be incredibly loyal. However, when is a remake not really a remake? When itís actually a loose sequel, and thatís the case with Sonyís Flatliners.

Based on the marketing so far, and the identical title, itís quite likely that those not following the development of the film online arenít even aware that Flatliners (2017) is not only set within the same universe as the 1990 original, but it also features a returning character, Nelson Wright (Kiefer Sutherland). For whatever reason, Sony has chosen not to promote the fact that Flatliners is a sequel, or even include Sutherland in the marketing. Perhaps they donít want to promote a guy who wonít actually be in the film that much, but it wouldnít be a first for Hollywood to do that.

This Sutherland-free marketing push for Flatliners continues courtesy of a set of new character posters for the titular group of five risk-taking medical students. The posters come by way of Bloody Disgusting, and feature colorful close-ups of each character, punctuated by a second blurry image coming off the side of their faces that could be interpreted as the soul leaving the body.