In its Season 2 finale, airing May 24, The Flash will lift the veil on the Man in the Iron Mask. And the answer to that half-season mystery “is going to blow your mind,” avows showrunner Andrew Kreisberg.

“Honestly, the two things I’m probably most proud of this season,” Kreisberg said at this week’s press event, “are [the introduction/development of] Harry and the identity of the Man in the Iron Mask.” Indeed, since Iron Mask was first introduced in this season’s 14th episode, there has been rampant speculation about his identity — fueled as well as confused by varying reads on his physical attributes.

As recently as last week, the producers have declined to say if if the actual actor to be revealed under the mask has been wearing it this whole time, but I think it’s a very safe bet to say that he hasn’t, seeing as that would make setside leaks too easy. Teddy Sears, who plays the mystery prisoner’s captor, Zoom/Hunter Zolomon, told TVLine he had no idea who it was until the finale, which would be improbable if a castmate had been flitting around in the mask this whole time. (Similarly, Sears didn’t wear the Zoom suit until that recent reveal.) As such, any visual clues, including Iron Mask’s height and build respective to other characters he has shared scenes with, should probably be dismissed.

All told, Sears said of Iron Mask, “We do see him throughout [Season 2’s final episodes], but I didn’t know who he was until [filming] this finale episode. I had no clue before…. But the identity will be revealed and I think it’s going to be very satisfying for the viewers.”