The season 2 finale cliffhanger of The Flash promised plenty of drama for season 3, centered on the fallout from the alternate Flashpoint timeline Barry created by going back in time once again to save his mother. As promised, the first four episodes have delivered some big changes for Team Flash, even after he attempted to set things back to a pre-Flashpoint state.

It hasn’t all been timeline-related stories, however. Harrison Wells and his daughter Jesse dropped in from Earth-2, hoping to work through some issues related to Jesse’s new powers as a speedster. Understanding that Team Flash could always use a resident genius around, he helped them locate his replacement, a Wells from Earth-19.

While Harry’s reservations about the new guy, “H.R.,” were chalked up to jealousy, it looks like his gut feelings may have been right after all. The latest trailer for episode 5 ‘Monster,’ which you can watch above, shows that not all geniuses are equally helpful in battling giant, Godzilla-size monsters — and you apparently can’t have a Harrison Wells without also taking on his shady, secretive side. Once again, Cisco goes snooping to find out what this Earth-19 guy is up to.

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‘Monster’ will also dig deeper into one of those lingering Flashpoint side effects, which began with Caitlin Snow exhibiting signs of being a metahuman just like her Earth-2 doppelganger, Killer Frost. She’s been keeping her powers a secret, only risking detection in episode ‘The New Rogues,’ when she used her freezing abilities to break The Flash out of a mirror prison. Now she’ll seek out help from her mother, Dr. Tannhauser (Susan Walters), a skilled biomedical researcher.

When Caitlin was kidnapped by Zoom and shared some family history with fellow captive Killer Frost, it was learned that both had a strained relationship with their “cold” mothers. The official synopsis for ‘Monster’ reveals that we’ll see that coolly detached version of Dr. Tannhauser, and we can already see from the photos above how uncomfortable Caitlin is at being treated “like a test subject.” The eventual altercation between them could lead to Caitlin’s full transformation, something that will likely be further explored in director Kevin Smith’s upcoming episode, ‘Killer Frost.’

It looks like there’ll be a lot going on in this episode of The Flash, with plenty of character drama along with battling the enormous monster terrorizing the city. The photos also show Iris and The Flash trying to pry the doors of a bus open, possibly to help potential victims escape. Hopefully this is was not during yet another short-lived date night. Whatever flaws this episode may have, it definitely shouldn’t be boring.

The Flash season 3 continues next Tuesday with ‘Monster’ at 8pm on The CW.