Finn and newcomer Rose Tico spend some time amongst the high-rollers at the Canto Bight casino in a new image from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. As the franchise endures yet another director shakeup (with Colin Trevorrow leaving Episode IX), Rian Johnson’s film is still smoothly sailing towards its December premiere date without a worry in sight. Building off the success of The Force Awakens, there is much anticipation for Episode VIII, and Lucasfilm is beginning to drum up hype for the film by ramping up their marketing campaign to the next level. Force Friday II has passed, and as fans add to their merchandise collections, they’re learning new snippets of information about the movie itself.

Following cover stories from Vanity Fair and EW earlier this year, Empire has been sharing new details over the course of the week, such as what makes Kylo Ren a relatable villain and Poe Dameron’s modified X-wing. Now, two more heroes of the Resistance – Finn and Rose – get the spotlight as Johnson discussed the location of Canto Bight.

In Empire‘s latest exclusive, there is a new still from the film depicting Finn and Rose on the casino game floor, with a collection of interesting creatures and people gambling in the background. The two protagonists appear to be sharing an intense moment, judging by their facial expressions. John Boyega has mentioned in the past Finn still isn’t fully committed to fighting for the Resistance, so he could be in the midst of a disagreement with his newfound friend as he searches for a way out of his secret mission. You can check out the photo in the space below:

Johnson previously talked about his approach to Canto Bight, envisioning it as a playground for the galaxy’s elite who live without a care in the world about the destructive war. He essentially reiterated that to Empire in his interview, remarking he wanted to do something different by showing the inverse of the Mos Eisley cantina. Instead of “griminess and dirt,” the casino (which debuts at the halfway point of the movie) is pristine and elegant, throwing viewers headfirst into a whole new corner of the universe. Canto Bight should be a fascinating place to visit, making for unique visuals and hopefully serving as the stage for yet another iconic John Williams musical cue.

Interestingly enough considering recent events, Johnson once again praised Lucasfilm for the creative freedom he had in developing The Last Jedi‘s story, saying there was no outline to follow. The director stated “the whole experience was just incredible” as he tapped into his younger self and had a blast working on the film. With the Episode IX chair now vacant, many are hoping Johnson returns to the galaxy far, far away since he obviously had a fruitful partnership with the studio.