Upcoming Fast & Furious spinoff Hobbs & Shaw is seeking a new actress to play Hobbs' young daughter. It's hard to think of the franchise without him now, yet Dwayne Johnson's Hobbs only joined the series with Fast 5. The character was introduced as an unstoppable federal agent seeking to take down Dom and his crew. He eventually became a reluctant ally, but over the course of each successive sequel, he's become a part of the Fast Family.

The Fast & Furious movies also gave Johnson's action career something of a shot in the arm, and since 2011 he's steadily become one of the biggest movie stars in the world. Given the popularity of the character and Johnson's huge success outside of the franchise, it was inevitable a Hobbs spinoff would get greenlit. Johnson will be bringing along Jason Statham for the ride since the two shared a strong buddy cop chemistry in Fast & Furious 8, and the story will find the title characters teaming up to face a new threat.

Just like previous Fast & Furious movies it seems family will be a big theme in Hobbs & Shaw, and Hobbs' daughter Samantha will return from the last two movies. The part was previously played by Eden Estrella, but according to a report by Omega Underground the production is seeking a new actress for the part. Audition tapes for the character also add some insight into the story, with Hobbs being reluctant to tell his daughter about the rest of his family, who will also appear in the movie.

Vanessa Kirby (Mission: Impossible Fallout) is being lined up to play Deckard Shaw's sister, who is also an MI-5 agent. While their casting hasn't been confirmed yet, it feels likely both Helen Mirren and Luke Evans - Shaw's mother Magdalene and brother Owen, respectively - will appear too.

With the main series set to conclude with Fast & Furious 10, it makes sense the studio would try to spin it off with other characters. There's also the well-publicized beef between Vin Diesel and Johnson, with the two falling out while working on The Fate Of The Furious, and it's currently unknown if the latter will return to the main franchise. Hobbs & Shaw is shaping up very nicely, with new helmer David Leitch (Deadpool 2) being considered one of the best action directors currently working and Idris Elba recently signing on for villain duties.