A fan has reedited the trailer for Blumhouse’s Halloween into a cool retro TV spot. Despite technically being the 11th entry in the series, the new Halloween will be a sequel to the 1978 original only. The continuity of Halloween has becoming ever more tangled throughout the years, involving multiple deaths and resurrections of key characters, an evil cult, a couple of remakes and Michael Myers losing in a fistfight with Busta Rhymes.

While the new Halloween originally attempted to include as much from the sequels as possible, co-writers David Gordon Green and Danny McBride soon found this to be a near impossible task. Instead, they elected to make a direct sequel that honored the original, bringing back Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode to face off one final time with Michael, and undoing controversial twists like the two being revealed as siblings. The movie also brought back key players like Nick Castle – who played Michael Myers in the original – and creator John Carpenter, who will compose the movie’s score.

The new Halloween will have a decidedly retro feel and was shot on a tight schedule with a modest budget – just like the original. Much has been made of the new sequel’s effort to apt the style of the first entry, and now a YouTube channel dubbed VideoArchiveProject has released a fan trailer that edits footage from the movie into a retro promo. For the full effect, it comes complete with a grainy vintage look and audio from a 1981 promo advising the original Halloween is used as voiceover.

Halloween is one of the most anticipated horror movies of 2018, and the reaction to its first trailer was overwhelmingly positive. While some fans are a little annoyed by the new movie ignoring everything past the 1978 movie, it has freed the story up from the increasingly convoluted mythology. Halloween 2018 will also pay tribute to the other sequels in the form of Easter eggs throughout the movie.

It will be interesting to see what happens with the Halloween series after the release of the latest sequel. By all accounts, it will be a one and done project for the talent involved – leading to speculation it could kill Michael Myers once and for all. That said, Danny McBride originally pitched two sequels when first discussing the project, so maybe Michael will live to stalk another day.

Release Date:

. Halloween (2018) release date: Oct 19, 2018