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Thread: Facts about “Game of thrones”, which will surprise even fans of the series.

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    Facts about “Game of thrones”, which will surprise even fans of the series.

    The secrets of the acclaimed series.

    “Game of thrones” never ceases to amaze us. Behind the scenes of your favorite TV series every day updated with new amazing events.

    We have prepared for you a selection of facts from the set that you probably did not know.

    22. The dothraki language, you can learn

    Want to speak like khal Drogo? Easily! In dothraki today, about 3 000 words, and their number is constantly growing. The language was developed specifically for the series by David Peterson, and thanks to the popularity of the series it is possible to learn in reality.

    21. Pie with live doves, you can bake really

    We all remember the famous cake with the Royal wedding stuffed with live pigeons. Surprisingly, George Martin did not invent this recipe, but took the existing idea of Giovanni de Roselli, which he published in his book “Italian feast” in the XVI century. And the cake on the set too.

    20. “Game of thrones” studying at Harvard

    At Harvard I teach the introductory course “Real “Game of thrones”: from modern myths to medieval models.” Of course, it is dedicated to the history of the middle Ages, which you can look through the lens of a favorite series.

    19. “Most” of the pirate TV series in history

    “Game of thrones” has broken all records for illegal downloads of content and has become the most pirated show in the history of torrents.

    18. Mother shellfish

    In 2013, off the coast of Brazil, scientists have discovered a new species of gastropods and gave them the name Tritonia khaleesi in honor of the beautiful mother of dragons from “Game of thrones”.

    17. For the role of Tyrion was not casting

    Peter Dinklage wasn’t about to go casting for the role of Tyrion Lannister — the writers originally saw him in this role. And Jackson not only took the job himself, but had to show his girlfriend Lena heady, who played his sister Cersei.

    16. The head of a Bush planted on the peak

    At the peak of the red at the gates of the castle you can see the head of George Bush, which was almost a scandal. The creators of the series to deny the fact did not apologize, but said that there is no political context head does not carry, just improvised props.

    15. “Game of thrones” has a rap album

    The HBO recorded and posted on the web official rap album Catch the Throne on “Game of thrones”.

    14. The creators of the series had sold the Iron throne

    Previously, the creators of the series have sold exact replicas of the Iron throne at the amount of 20 thousand pounds. Copies the dimensions are impressive: height was 2 meters and a weight of 159 kg.

    13. Gandalf’s sword in the Iron throne

    One of the blades of the Iron throne — the famous Glamdring from the universe of Lord of the rings, the sword that belonged to Gandalfo.

    12. The word “Hodor” has a 70 pronunciations

    Many laugh at the “difficulty” replies Kristian Nairn, who plays Hodor, but it turns out, all is not so simple as it seems. The actor said that he has 70 variants of pronunciation of the word “Hodor” depending on the mood of his character.

    11. Madonna rented a dress Daenerys

    It turns out that Madonna also watches “Game of thrones” and once even asked the creators to give her stage costume of Daenerys Targaryen to go in it at a costume party in honor of Purim. Naturally, the creators happily agreed.

    10. From Sansa stark to “speaking” dress

    Costumes in the series are stitched not only with great skill and love, but have a hidden meaning. For example, a wedding dress, Sansa stark, tells the story of a girl: born from the houses stark and Tully (trout and wolf at the waist), she falls under the influence of the Lannisters (lion on back).

    9. The actor who played Maester Aemon was really blind

    The late Peter Vaughan, who played the blind Maester Aemon Targaryen, and life was partially blind and could hardly see anything.

    8. Myrcella and Tommen are Dating in real life

    Actors Aimee Richardson and Dean-Charles Chapman, who played Cersei’s children Myrcella and Tommen, in real life, became a couple.

    7. Jon snow and Arya stark had to fall in love

    According to the author of the Saga of George RR Martin, Jon snow and Arya stark had to fall in love with each other. Thank you that he has left us a normal cordial relationship between half-brother and sister.

    6. One actor played just 4 role

    Stuntman Ian Whyte played 4 roles in the “Game of thrones”: he was a white Walker, a nameless giant, Gregor Clegane, and Wun by Wun.

    5. Catelyn stark is Hermione’s mother

    Michelle Fairlee, so played amazingly proud of the dedicated Catelyn stark that caught the fancy of many viewers. But few people noticed that the actress in the movie Harry Potter where she played the mother of Hermione.

    4. Viserys — great-great grandson of Dickens

    Harry Lloyd, favourite for the role of Viserys Targaryen is prapravnuchka the famous Charles Dickens.

    3. Theon — the brother of Lily Allen

    Who plays Theon, Alfie Allen has a brother of famous singer Lily Allen. Lily even offered to appear on the show and play the sister of Theon, but she refused, after reading the script.

    2. The naked “walk” took place actually

    The naked walk of shame Cersei and the audience felt awful and humiliating, but few of them know what punishment was given to a real woman. George Martin said that he was inspired by historical fact: the mistress of Edward IV was sent to the walk of shame after the death of the king.

    1. Young George Martin looks like Jon snow

    Fans of the series wondered how a whale Destination, who played Jon snow, similar to George Martin in his youth.

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    i think john snow is the best king

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