The Exorcist was one of the best surprises on TV last year—if you’re a fan of pull-no-punches horror shows with compelling characters and gloriously gory special effects. Season one wrapped up in December, and Fox has been keeping the faithful waiting to hear if it would return. Good news, demon peeps!

Deadline reports that there are no firm details yet to share about season two, but “producers say it will open a new chapter of the iconic franchise.” Considering that the first season basically wrapped up the case of the Rance family, it’s likely the show will follow odd-couple possession busters Father Tomas (Alfonso Herrera) and Father Marcus (Ben Daniels) as they take on another case. The first season did an excellent job of balancing the well-known book and film source material with a new story, though it eventually linked back to both by revealing that Geena Davis’ character was actually the grown-up Regan MacNeill. Season two may not be able to make that direct connection, but now that we know the two flawed Fathers at its center, will audiences feel OK about following The Exorcist in an entirely new direction? The first season was so good, I’m willing to take a chance.