It's been 33 years since the movie world first learned of the names Joel and Ethan Coen and now their 1984 debut feature film, Blood Simple, is getting a re-release in the shape of a director's cut and handsome 4K restoration. We've got our hands on the exclusive newly-edited restoration trailer take a look below.

With a budget of around $1.5m, Blood Simple exploded onto the independent movie scene in 1984 and announced the Coens as a cinematic force to be reckoned with. The title deriving from a Dashiell Hammett novel (Hammett continuing to be a major influence on the brothers), Blood Simple boasts all the hallmarks of a Coen brothers joint: a neo-noir story, violence, a Carter Burwell score, a memorable Frances McDormand performance, and black-as-the-night humour.

It still holds up remarkably well, so this is a rare opportunity to see a classic bit of Coen history on the big screen. Blood Simple: Directors Cut returns to cinemas 6 October, followed by a new DVD/Blu-Ray/EST release from Studiocanal on 30 October.