An exclusive clip from AMCís new comedy, Lodge 49, sees Wyatt Russellís Dud chatting about how his candidacy to become a member of the Ancient and Benevolent Order of the Lynx is going to work. And because the show is a delightfully odd piece of work, the conversation with Brent Jenningsí Ernie Fontaine happens over a light lunch of burgers and fries, and also includes some hints as to what Dudís plans outside the lodge really are. Itís an interesting peek into the life of the itinerant ex-surfer, while at the same time it makes the Order of the Lynx seem like the sort of place that would have room for a guy who goes by the name Dud.

The new series from creator Jim Gavin premiered last week, setting the stage for Sean ĎDudí Dudleyís entrance into the secret society that happens to have a fairly low bar for membership. The episode made it clear Dudís been off his game for quite some time, specifically following his fatherís untimely demise. But now there's a chance for him to regain something of his old self through the lodge and the seemingly banal mysteries it has to offer, as Ernie make clear in his discussion of the newbieís postulancy.

The above clip is a solid example of what Lodge 49 has to offer ó smart, low-key dialogue delivered by likable characters thatíll give you a chuckle or two. Sure, Dudís unemployment and unhealed injury (which he sustained on a surfing trip to Nicaragua) have contributed to his current unmoored state - in life and in society - but despite his unpleasant circumstances, thereís something about the scruffy surfer that suggests a contagiously indefatigable personality. Whether Ernie knows it or not, it seems change is on its way, thanks in large part to Dud stepping into Lodge 49.

As summer series go, Lodge 49 feels designed specifically for the season. Itís the TV equivalent of those dog days between July and August, when the mercury rises and everything becomes languid. In other words, the series takes its time; itís in no hurry to get where itís going but itís clearly headed somewhere interesting.

This is just a small glimpse at an entertaining new show thatís worth spending the rest the summer with. And considering itís on right after Better Call Saul season 4, thereís really no reason not to give it a shot.

Lodge 49 continues tonight with ĎMoments of Truth in Service.í