Until Monday, the record for simultaneous sharing of the same torrent belonged to the Game of Thrones series, with 200 thousand people downloading or uploading the fifth episode of the fourth season file. Yesterday, however, this record was broken ... again for Game of Thrones, with the end of the same season.

Some hours after the airing of the episode on TV, the cable channel HBO, the episode was available in various sharing sites and, according to tracker Demonii drew 254,000 concurrent sharers, with 190 000 64 000 uploaders and downloaders.

In the first 12 hours after the onset of the torrent, the episode had been downloaded 1.5 million times, equivalent to 2,000 TB, or 2 Petabytes. Over the coming weeks, it is estimated that this number will grow to 7.5 million downloads, taking its largest number coming from the U.S., Canada, Australia and England.

According to Jeff Bewkes, CEO of Time Warner, which owns HBO, piracy has contributed to increase the number of subscribers of the channel, and thus is beneficial to the business. For him, having a series with the award for "most pirated" is "better than winning an Emmy," considered one of the major American TV awards.