Emilia Clarke has finished filming her scenes for the young Han Solo movie, as evidenced by director Ron Howard’s latest behind-the-scenes photo. Taking over for the fired Phil Lord and Chris Miller back in June, the Oscar-winning filmmaker has spent the last few months in production on Han Solo, with evidence suggesting he is essentially reshooting the spinoff from scratch . While this will ensure the end result is the product of one person’s singular, consistent vision (instead of being a Frankenstein monster of clashing styles), it has prolonged the shooting period. Originally, under Lord and Miller, principal photography was set to conclude in July, but Howard’s cameras are still rolling as we approach the end of September.

At long last, things seem to be wrapping up. Recently, both Donald Glover and Paul Bettany completed their respective roles, signaling the end of filming is near. Now, another member of the cast is free to leave the galaxy far, far away: Emilia Clarke, the movie’s female lead.

Once again taking to Twitter, Howard posted a picture of himself with Clarke to commemorate the actresses’ time on-set. Mentioning the Game of Thrones star was fun to work with, the director teased her character, saying Clarke’s part is “terrifically strong and exciting.”

Clarke is said to be portraying an individual named Kira (or Kura, depending on who you ask), who may be involved with a strange museum that features items like a taxidermied creature. It’s difficult to say how she will factor into the narrative, since Lucasfilm has characteristically kept a tight lid on plot details. If Clarke has been filming Han Solo for this long, odds are she is a principal player who has a decent amount of screen time. One possibility is that Kira is a love interest for Han, though many viewers are hoping she’s something more than that (especially after the positive receptions for Rey and Jyn Erso). Clarke is certainly enthused by what’s in store, promising her character is “awesome.” Ideally, Kira will be the latest in a long line of compelling female Star Wars characters, adding to the tradition. Lucasfilm is looking to continue Forces of Destiny next year, and Kira could become a part of that if she becomes a fan-favorite.

With Howard getting closer and closer to concluding production, the long-awaited first look of Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo is likely right around the corner. The actor was glimpsed in some leaked set photos from over the spring, but Lucasfilm has yet to reveal an official photo of the youngster in-costume. An argument can be made that Howard and company are holding their star back for something big – presumably when the project wraps. Hopefully then, more information about the film is finally revealed, such as the title.