Just when one might think that former pro wrestler turned actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson couldn’t possibly manage to increase his star power and personal appeal to a higher level, the man always seems to find a way. He’s got millions upon millions following his every move on social media. He stars in multiple smash hit movies every year, sometimes taking the title of most profitable actor in the world. He also stars in the HBO TV series Ballers, operates a successful YouTube channel and even occasionally returns to the world of WWE wrestling. If there was a prize for being the hardest-working man in show business, Johnson would definitely be in the running.

With Donald Trump’s campaign for and subsequent winning of the U.S. presidency last year, the idea of a politically untested celebrity occupying the White House is now no longer a far-fetched one. Naturally, this has led people to suggest other viable celebrity candidates for leader of the free world, and The Rock seems to be at or near the top of most of those lists. On a surface level, it makes sense. Johnson is a famously hard worker, is great at giving motivating oratory, and is someone people are clearly willing to line up behind and follow.

For anyone who might assume that The Rock running for POTUS is nothing more than a wishful pipe dream, the man himself has now confirmed in a new interview with GQ that he’s seriously considering the idea. When asked about whether he might one day put his movie career aside for the sake of running for the USA’s highest office, Johnson replied with a solemn “I think that it’s a real possibility.” Of course, this isn’t the first time Johnson has publicly entertained the notion, posting this last summer on Instagram:

The Washington Post

While The Rock obviously doesn’t possess any government experience, he does possess a skill arguably even greater, and that’s the ability to be so likeable and charming that he can win people over to his side by doing nothing more than talking to and interacting with them. This quality worked wonders for both democrat Barack Obama and republican Ronald Reagan as they advanced through the world of politics, and it would likely do the same for Johnson, should he decide to enter the political arena.

That said, if The Rock were to opt in to the presidential race, there’s still the question of when exactly he would do so. Johnson is currently 45 years old, so were he to win the presidency in 2020, he would become one of the youngest commanders-in-chief in recent memory. With that in mind, one wonders if Johnson might decide to delay any political ambitions for awhile, in order to spend more time racking up millions as a cinematic icon before running for office in his 50s. If and when Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson does decide to lay the smackdown on politics, it’s not hard to imagine him once again emerging as “the people’s champion.”

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