"I sense a great change in your future," says Strange.

Remember that time Thor enjoyed a magical pint, courtesy of Doctor Strange? Now there's a little more of that interaction, thanks to the new Japanese trailer for Thor: Ragnarok.
"Thor, I sense a great change in your future," says Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch). "Destiny has dire plans for you my friend."
Thor (Chris Hemsworth) responds: "I have dire plans for destiny."
Much of the rest of the trailer echoes moments from the look at the Marvel Studios film unveiled in July at San Diego Comic-Con.
In last year's Doctor Strange, a post-credits scene featured Thor paying Strange a visit in his Sanctum Sanctorum, seeking help to find his father Odin (Anthony Hopkins). He's wearing the same clothes as in the Ragnarok trailer, and enjoyed drinking beer provided by Strange in a glass that would magically get refilled.
Here's the Doctor Strange scene: