The Division wants you to work for the best gear.

With update 1.1 killing named NPCs in Ubisoft's third-person loot shooter will guarantee you a "High-End" drop. Assuming your adversary is level 30 or higher.

This is an attempt to balance out the methods players use to earn their highest level gear. Right now, prior to the game's first major update, the majority of players get their High-End loot from crafting. Buying it from vendors comes in second place, and drops from NPCs is a distant third source.

Besides just incentivizing taking on tougher enemies, Ubisoft is also making crafting more expensive. Cashing in lower-end materials for the good stuff will cost between two and 10 more pieces than before, while the rewards for deconstruction will be cut in half.

The trade-off is that named, level 32 Dark Zone enemies will drop crafting materials much more frequently. Which only further incentivizes taking them out.

The Division 1.1 update launches April 12.