Dish Customers Can Stream Netflix in 4K with the Hopper 3
Now there's more Ultra HD content to choose from on the DVR.

Dish took a major leap forward at CES 2016, introducing its first 4K receiver and DVR. But, as great as it is for customers to have that option, Hopper 3 needs compatible content in order to show true value. With this in mind, Dish has announced support for Netflix's 4K repertoire, which will let users watch some movies and series in Ultra HD. That includes most of the streaming service's latest original shows, including the acclaimed Daredevil and House of Cards, among others.

That said, you do need a subscription for the 4K plan on Netflix (plus a fast internet connection), which is $11.99 per month. Although the majority of 4K televisions come with a Netflix app built in, now you can access the app's Ultra HD programming directly from your Dish set-top-box.

Credit : EnG