IT director Andrés Muschietti has confirmed a director’s cut of the film is still coming, and we can expect it in 2018. Muschietti’s take on Stephen King’s novel IT was one of the biggest hits of 2017, quickly becoming the highest-grossing R-rated film of all time and gaining praise from critics and audiences alike.

IT: Chapter One tells half the story from the novel, following a group of kids self-named “The Losers’ Club” as they come face to face with an evil shape-shifting entity. One of the main reasons why the film was so well received was the way the story was adapted – but with a plot as rich as IT’s, it’s not surprising that a few scenes and details were left on the cutting room floor. With the home release fast approaching, fans have been wondering if the previously teased director’s cut is still happening, as it was not included in the special features of either the Blu-ray or the DVD releases.

Bloody Disgusting reached out to Andrés Muschietti on his official Instagram account to ask if the director’s cut will still be released. Muschietti simply replied “Yes, but in a few months”, leaving out any possibility that a director’s cut could be a surprise addition to the home release of the film. Bloody Disgusting adds that the director’s cut will include all the deleted and extended scenes that will be included among the Blu-ray and DVD features.

Back in September, Andrés and Bárbara Muschietti confirmed that a director’s cut was coming, but didn’t not reveal any details other than the possible addition of a scene that got cut out (set during Stan Uris’ bar mitzvah) and an extended look at the quarry scene. The features list includes featurettes on how Bill Skarsgård prepared for the role of Pennywise, how the kids from the Losers’ Club bonded, and one about Stephen King’s creative process when writing the novel. In addition to that, the home release includes 11 deleted scenes, which will give fans a taste of what to expect in the director’s cut.

Whether this extended version of the film will feature scenes not included in the special features of the home releases or not remains to be seen – especially the infamous flashback scene where Pennywise eats a baby that didn’t make it to the final cut (and is still unknown if it was ever filmed). The addition of all the deleted scenes will bring viewers even closer to the characters and will hopefully include more nods to the novel and the rest of King’s literary universe.