Charlie Cox has recently talked about New York’s finest street-level heroes when they all come together in their ensemble series, The Defenders Marvel and Netflix are bringing all of their characters to one 8-episode miniseries for the first time to hopefully foil the enigmatic Alexandra’s (Sigourney Weaver) plans executed by the ancient group known as the Hand.

In the past two years, each and every character has operated on their own — serving their individual purposes — so it is no surprise that working as a single unit for the first time won’t come easy to them . That said, Daredevil (Cox), Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter), Luke Cage (Mike Colter), and Iron Fist (Finn Jones) will have to learn how to operate as a team quickly, especially if they want to save New York from the looming threat that it is about to face.

Speaking to Den of creek, Cox breaks down the foursome’s approach on their upcoming mission upon learning more about the aforementioned danger brought by the Hand:

“Now Danny and Matt have seen it. They’ve experienced it, and as hard as it is to explain, we know it exists because we’ve been there. Jessica and Luke don’t have that. Initially at least, the role for Matt and Danny is quite similar. They’re the ones that have to bring the other two up-to-date and explain how serious this situation is and how you can’t just walk away from it and how dangerous these people are and what they’re capable of, blah blah blah. So that was kind of our role.”
This leaves Luke and Jessica (who already have a pre-existing relationship as seen in the first season of Jessica Jones) dubious of the “ancient evil organization who are capable of destroying an entire civilization. They’re the ones that have to go on the journey of disbelief through to ‘holy shit’, and getting on board this,” the actor adds.
It all adds an interesting layer to why Danny, Luke, Matt, Jessica partner up in the initial stages of the show. This way, each duo has personal knowledge of the Hand. That way, it will be much easier for Danny and Matt to eventually convince their teammates to work together, and to give them a better chance of defeating the Hand and ultimately, Alexandra.
Marvel TV and Netflix are still keeping huge chunks of information regarding the narrative specifics of The Defenderstightly under wraps, but fans are assured that whatever the team goes through in the special ensemble show will help progress their individual journeys moving forward.