"The Empire Looms Large," the director tweeted.

It's too big to be a space station.
It seems Star Wars fans may not have seen the last of the Death Star. The powerful space station might be featured in the Han Solo stand-alone film, Ron Howard teased Wednesday.
The director posted a picture of a swooping black helmet distinctly worn by Death Star troopers laying atop a control panel.
"The Empire Looms Large," Howard wrote with the photo, a possible nod to the gigantic weapon.
Han, of course, first learns of the Death Star in 1977's A New Hope, while film audiences got to learn more about the Death Star's creation in the first stand-alone film, 2016's Rogue One.
Howard has been doing an excellent job of teasing the film since he took over the director's chair in late June after the previous directing duo Phil Lord and Chris Miller were fired over creative differences.
Howard told Heat Vision in July that production was coming along well and he was having a great time with the cast and crew.