A “Deadwood” revival movie might finally happen. For a couple of years now, fans of David Milch’s Western show have kept their hopes up that HBO would turn the series into a full blown film, the same way the network with the 2015 “Entourage” movie. Now, actor Ian McShane, who played Al Swearengen in the show, has revealed that a script for the reunion film has already been handed to HBO.

“two-hour movie script has been delivered to HBO,” the English actor told TVLine. “If they don’t deliver [a finished product], blame them.”

The actor said he spoke to Milch “about some of” the script and will meet with the writer-producer soon. “I’ll be seeing [Milch] for lunch [soon]. We’d all love to do it… It would be nice to see all of the old gang again,” McShane said.

In January, HBO’s president of programming Casey Bloys confirmed to TVLine that Milch was working on a script. “I haven’t read [Milch]’s script yet,” the executive said. “I know he’s working on it. But I have not seen anything yet.”

A year earlier, Bloys’ predecessor Michael Lombardo had confirmed that a “Deadwood” reunion was actually happening. “David has our commitment that we are going to do it,” the executive told TV Line. “He pitched what he thought generally the storyline would be — and knowing David that could change. But it’s going to happen.”

But the “Deadwood” revival script is not the only project Milch has been working on lately. Last month, we learned that he was working with Nic Pizzolatto on the potential third season of “True Detective.” As for McShane, he has a starring role in Starz’s new supernatural drama “American Gods,” which premieres April 30.

source: http://www.indiewire.com/2017/04/dea...ch-1201806914/