You wouldn't know it from the marketing, but Stephen King's The Dark Tower is being turned into a movie that's coming out this summer. The movie has seen almost no promotion, but that may be about to change. It's very nearly May and a film that is supposed to open in August has yet to have a single trailer released for it, however, it now appears that a trailer is on the way, and we could see it as early as this week.

Last October a version of a Dark Tower trailer with unfinished CGI was leaked online. The fact that the CGI was unfinished and the movie was set to release in February, was a clear indication that things were moving slowly, so the announcement that followed, that the film was being pushed back to July, shocked few. However, here we stand at the end of April in much the same position. The Dark Tower is now set for an August 4 release and we have never officially seen a frame of it.

The good news is that according to Trailer Track, a Dark Tower trailer was approved for viewing in Canada on April 28. If nothing else this does the fans the service of confirming that a trailer actually exists, with completed CGI and everything, and it would also indicate that it's going to be viewable soon.

Due to the now compressed timeline that the movie is working with, we'd fully expect to see the trailer attached to films as early as this Friday, potentially with an online release sometime during the coming week. It's a good week to have things ready. While The Dark Tower has missed a couple of high profile releases already this year, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 gets the summer movie season underway this Friday, so if The Dark Tower trailer ends up attached to that, at the very least the trailer will get in front of a lot of eyeballs, which will be important for making people aware the movie is coming.

While the Dark Tower saga is a huge part of Stephen King's career as a novelist, making up eight total novels over the course of multiple decades, it's not necessarily a name known by casual fans. That's going to make the marketing important if this first film is going to be a success. The current plan is to adapt the entire series into a combination of feature films and television series. However, the first TV series is still without a home, and a lackluster box office performance from the first movie could make it that much harder for the series to find one.

As a fan, I'm certainly still excited to see The Dark Tower on the big screen. Hopefully, the first trailer will look good and it will get lots of other people excited as well.