Space opera TV series Dark Matter has been cancelled by Syfy after three seasons. Airing on both the Space Channel and Syfy, the Canadian series was created by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie, who wrote the comic book series of the same name. Each season ran for 13 episodes in the summer. The show premiered in July 2015, with its final episode airing last Friday.

Dark Matter told the story of six people on a spaceship called the Raza who awoke from suspended animation with amnesia. As the show progressed, the characters pick up clues of their true identities and soon discover that they’re all wanted criminals.

TV Line first reported the cancellation, and Mallozzi has confirmed on his blog that Syfy decided to cancel the series. Despite less-than-desirable ratings that were slightly over half a million, Dark Matter‘s numbers were consistent in its third season, as pointed out by Mallozzi. As a show with a loyal fanbase, Dark Matter was an unapologetic science fiction series that relied heavily on sci-fi elements. The show’s storylines frequently involved the use of alternate universes, time travel, androids, and clones.

The first season of Dark Matter explored the mysterious pasts of the main characters as well as their past and present relationships with each other. The second season started off with a shocking twist by killing their top-billed character, One (Marc Bendavid), solidifying Melissa O’Neil’s character, Two, as the show’s true star. The crew of the Raza spent much of the season looking to avenge their fallen teammate while navigating a corporate war that was devastating various planets. Season 3 pitted the main characters against one of their own, Four (Alex Mallari, Jr.) who regained his memories and took up his rightful role as the head of an empire based on feudal Japan.

The season 3 finale ended with a massive cliffhanger as an invading force of aliens crossed over from another dimension, with one alien taking possession of Two’s body. The arrival of the aliens took everyone by surprise, and the events of the finale seem to suggest that the armies on both sides of the war will have to put aside their differences to repel this new enemy.

Fans will be understandably disappointed with the news of the show’s cancellation, especially considering the cliffhanger in the season 3 finale. Unlike other shows in its genre, Dark Matter had yet to introduce viewers to aliens, which would have made the story they were setting up for season 4 new territory for the series.