Iíve got an Iron Man figure from Hot Toys on my shelf. Itís 1:6 scale, and is worth a couple hundred bucks. This one is 1:1 scale, and costs almost $8000.

Called the Iron Man Mark III Life-Size Figure and built by Sideshow, itís not really a figure, in that you canít pose it. Itís not a suit either, because you canít put it on. So letís maybe call it a statue, one with ďexpertly reproduced layered armored panels, subtle weathering, and many fine detailsĒ.

Standing 6'10" its eyes, palms and arc reactor all light up, meaning if youíve ever wanted to roleplay Tony Stark to the point where youíve got full-size Iron Man armour lying around the back of your workshop, hereís your shot.

The actual price is not $8000. Itís $7950. Youíd hope shipping will be included in that.