Chris Pratt is set to executive produce The Tomorrow War, in addition to starring in the film. Originally titled Ghost Draft, the film is set in a future where the human race is waging a war against aliens. The plot will reportedly focus on a man who is drafted to fight in the war, with the chances for humanity’s survival relying on his ability to alter the mistakes of his past. GLOW standout Betty Giplin and J.K. Simmons - who has had a busy year, reprising his role as J. Jonah Jameson and playing a pivotal role in the Veronica Mars revival - have also been announced as leads. Yvonne Strahovski, Theo Von, Sam Richardson, and Keith Powers round out the cast.

Pratt is known for playing Peter Quill/Star-Lord in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well portraying the affable Andy Dwyer in Parks and Recreation. His other big screen credits include tentpole projects like Jurassic World, The Lego Movie, and Passengers. Pratt has become one of Hollywood’s reliable leading men, with his name attached to a number of much-awaited sequels that are currently in various stages of development. The Tomorrow War, however, might have a special significance to the actor given that it’s his first time as an executive producer on a high-profile movie.

Pratt posted on his Instagram profile, sharing a first look at The Tomorrow War and mentioning why the original title was altered. The actor also ran through other possible titles for the futuristic wartime thriller. Some of them are more on the humorous side but others, like ‘World War A’, have a nice ring to it. Check out Pratt’s post below.

The ‘executive producer’ title is considered to be fairly nebulous. The responsibilities linked to the position vary depending on the medium, and even depending on the film itself, though the role usually consists of providing funding for the project and keeping tabs on the business side of moviemaking. Some may be heavily involved in every aspect of the film, including the creative process, while for others it’s merely a nominal position. Going by Pratt’s announcement on social media, it appears that he will be fairly engaged behind the scenes.

The Tomorrow War is slated to be released by Paramount Pictures, with filming taking place in Iceland and Atlanta. Chris McKay, the director of The Lego Batman Movie, will helm the thriller. McKay is also attached to an upcoming film about Nightwing. Given Pratt’s built-in fanbase, and given the talent involved, The Tomorrow War is sure to generate more buzz in the run-up to its theatrical debut.