The remake of classic horror movie Child's Play reportedly has its eyes on actress Liv Tyler for a role in the movie. This follows shortly after the announcement that a new Child's

The original Child's Play revolved around a little boy named Andy. All Andy wanted for Christmas was a Good Guy doll, which was the popular toy of that year. Unfortunately, Andy's mother could not get her hands on one of the dolls in stores. Instead, she buys the doll from a street vendor. Unbeknownst to her, the doll contains the spirit of a serial killer who transferred his soul into the toy. The doll, named Chucky, goes on a killing spree. That killing spree lasted throughout seven movies. It is the original movie, though, that holds a cult status with horror movie buffs.

MGM recently announced that it had plans for a modern-day Child's Play remake. That Hashtag Show reports MGM has interest in casting Tyler for the movie, presumably as Andy's mother, Karen. Tyler currently has a role on Hulu's Harlots, although most moviegoers know her as Arwyn from The Lord of the Rings trilogy, as well as Betty Ross from The Incredible Hulk.

Reports suggest that the new Child's Play movie will differ from the original. The studio plans on reinventing the original film by bringing its story up to date. That means Chucky will probably feature a lot more technology than in the original because a lot has changed since 1988. It is unclear, though, if Chucky is still a Good Guy doll or if it will have a different name and brand.

The remake will also feature a group of children, rather than focus on Andy, giving it more of a Stranger Things vibe. Chucky's voice will also change. Although Brad Dourif voiced the character for over 30 years, it seems like MGM wants a fresh take on the character and the film.

Child's Play creator and co-writer Dan Mancini recently announced a TV series for the franchise. That announcement was only a tease, so no one knows if that series will act as a reboot or continue the story from the movies. As it stands, the rights to the Child's Play franchise are complicated. Although MGM owns the rights to the first film, Universal owns the rights to the sequels. That means MGM has every right to remake the first movie, while Universal can continue to make sequels and the Mancini-helmed TV series.

It seems like everything old is new again, but some moviegoers are starting to show signs of remake fatigue. Will they want to see a Child's Play movie remake or even a TV series? Is there such a thing as too much Chucky? Or is the franchise so beloved that fans will take any form of Chucky that they can get? That remains to be seen as the Child's Play remake continues moving forward.