Cablevision and Viacom Settle Their Lawsuits Over Channel Bundling

And just like that, Cablevision's feud with Viacom over channel bundling is over. The two TV giants have settled their antitrust lawsuits with promises that they're making "mutually beneficial business arrangements." Neither side is saying what those arrangements are, however, and it's not clear whether or not Cablevision is getting a better deal than what it had in 2012. This ruckus started because Cablevision didn't like being forced to carry niche Viacom channels to get the big channels it wanted -- this whole exercise would be pointless if the company didn't get either a discount or more control. With that said, it wouldn't be shocking if Cablevision's soon-to-be owner, Altice, pushed for a hasty compromise to prevent the lawsuits (and the resulting government scrutiny) from interfering with its big purchase.