Josh Brolin shares a new picture of Cable from Deadpool 2 and he looks pissed. This is the third official photo that we've seen of Brolin as Cable and it features some bionic remnants in his neck, leading one to speculate that the picture is from an actual scene that takes place in the movie and not a promo shot. Another interesting piece of speculation is that the picture is doing more than just showing off Brolin screaming mad; the picture could very well be teasing the addition of a new villain who is very near and dear to Cable.

The picture was unveiled on Josh Brolin's Instagram page early Monday morning and it depicts Cable screaming into a broken mirror. The original caption that has since been deleted, read: "Oh, my God, wait until you see Deadpool. It's SO funny!!!" It isn't clear why Brolin deleted the caption, but many believe that the actor could be teasing something bigger than just a rad picture of Cable screaming into a broken mirror.

Cable could just be having a bad day in the intense photo, which isn't too hard to believe, but the photo looks a tad unhinged, like maybe he's yelling at his evil clone Stryfe. Cable was sent to the future to be cured of the techno-organic virus and a clone was made in his absence just in case he never returned from the future. The clone was then kidnapped and raised by Apocalypse as his heir and to embrace mutant supremacy and despise humanity. Stryfe was later introduced as the leader of the Mutant Liberation Front and seen as Cable's arch nemesis. The picture raises more than one question because during one particular battle, the two briefly shared the same body, which could explain the mirror picture.

In addition, the only villain that has been revealed for Deadpool 2 is Black Tom Cassidy. This leaves plenty of space for Stryfe to reveal himself as the main villain, possibly at the end of the movie to set up the recently announced X-Force movie that will reunite Deadpool and Cable together. In addition, Deadpool has also has history with Stryfe and he is an important piece of the Cable story, so it seems natural that he will be introduced on the big screen in the near future, much like Cable was introduced at the very end of Deadpool.

Deadpool 2 is all set to hit theaters on June 1st, 2018 and is directed by Atomic Blonde director David Leitch. The movie is currently filming in Vancouver, British Columbia and is due to wrap up soon. Josh Brolin looks even more like a force to be reckoned with as Cable in the new intense photo of him screaming into the broken mirror. Whether this is a hint at the inclusion of Stryfe is pure speculation at this point, but it does make an awful lot of sense that he'll show up sometime between Deadpool 2 and the X-Force movie. More news is expected to follow, but for now, check out the latest at Josh Brolin as Cable below.