LexCorp CEO, Lex Luthor, sat down for a "chat" with WIRED Magazine's Ron Troupe about the "vigilante industrial complex" as part of a WIRED Brand Lab collaboration with Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.

While not the BvS villain's first brush with the real-world press (he previously spoke to Fortune Magazine about his "rivalry" with Bruce Wayne and his difficult relationship with his father), the new interview is a great window into his character... and perhaps even the wider DC cinematic universe.

The tone of the fictitious interview is firmly tongue-in-cheek as a discussion about the company's new "Lex/OS" veers to the criminal mastermind discussing basketball scores and his desire to "leave the planet in better shape for the next generation." While he doesn't outright say he intends to accomplish that by killing Superman, he does weave in cryptic hints about how "if justice is going to survive in the new global paradigm, we have to get better, invest in new disruptive technologies, think outside Pandoraís Box."

This leads to a very prominent namedrop for A.R.G.U.S., the top secret government agency led by Amanda Waller that dispatches, and imprisons, The Suicide Squad.

In addition to clues about his military contracts and jabs at Batman's "painfully outmoded" vigilantism, a corporate info-graphic in the article contains some names that will make DC fans giddy including STAGG, Queen Industries, and Wayne Enterprises.

In between the easter eggs, including a coy reference to Lex's comic book tenure as President of the United States, the interview strongly hints at Luthor's contempt for the costumed do-gooders and just what he intends to do about them.

"The public and the private sectors have to work together to create the next generation of defense technologies necessary to literally save the world. This is the future, and lone gunmen and caped crusaders arenít worth the ink it takes to print their name in a footnote," says Luthor.

You can read the full interview at WIRED. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice comes out on March 23, 2016.