ust like any other major A-list, Brad Pitt is very, very choosy, but unlike Tom Cruise and Will Smith, he doesn’t take on blockbusters very often. Prior to “World War Z” (which turned into fiasco, which likely only strengthened his resolve to be careful in selecting such projects), you’d probably have to go back to the “Ocean’s Eleven” movies for his last major franchise (not counting his handful of animated voice roles). However, he’s still going to read the scripts that cross his desk, and apparently he kicked the tires on a major upcoming sequel.

Collider is revealing that not only was Brad Pitt eyed to play Cable in “Deadpool 2,” he considered it, and “there was interest on both sides.” The actor has moved on, and while the site sorta leaves the potential door open that maybe possibly he’d return, I kinda doubt it. With Michael Shannon now in the frontrunner slot, it seems Ryan Reynolds and co. have found their man, and I’d assume that if Pitt was super keen, his name would be tossed around by the major trades. But hey, it’s a great “What if?”

“Deadpool 2” doesn’t have a release date, but is expected to arrive in 2018.