Halloween 2018 producer Jason Blum has admitted that if series creator John Carpenter hadn't given his blessing, then he probably wouldn't have made the movie. Carpenter wrote, directed and composed the 1978 original, which has been hailed as one of the greatest horror movies ever made. The success of the movie also led to the birth of the slasher subgenre, and soon the studio called on Carpenter for a sequel. The filmmaker felt the story had been told in Halloween, but stayed onboard as producer and writer to maintain quality control over the project.

When he was unsatisfied with the new director's first cut, he re-edited the movie and shot new scare scenes, but while Halloween II was a hit, Carpenter later dubbed the movie 'an abomination.' He ended Halloween II with a fiery explosion to kill Michael off and prevent further sequels, but when the studio requested another, he produced Halloween III: Season Of The Witch, featuring an all-new storyline. Fans were furious at the lack of Michael Myers, and Halloween III was a critical and commercial dud, though it has been critically reappraised as a creepy horror tale in recent years

Carpenter stepped away from the Halloween series following the third movie, but Blumhouse and David Gordon Green managed to lure him back as executive producer and composter for Halloween 2018. Blumhouse has gone all out to please fans by bringing back original cast and crew members, and now producer Jason Blum has admitted in a Yahoo! interview that without Carpenter's blessing, he probably wouldn't have made the movie at all.

I think [not getting Carpenter’s OK] would have stopped us. John asked me very specifically, ‘Do I have approvals?’ And then the answer [was], ‘You don’t have approvals, but if you don’t like it, we’re not going to keep going either.’ I think there might have been a movie, but we wouldn’t have been involved either if John wasn’t happy.

Halloween 2018 will ignore the events of other movies in the series aside from the original, and will focus on Michael escaping once more to gain revenge on Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis). Carpenter has been a hands-on consultant on the project and is currently composing the score. In recent years Carpenter has moved away from directing to focus on his own music and has composed albums of original material dubbed Lost Themes I & II.

Halloween 2018's decision to ignore other sequels in the franchise has been slightly controversial, and David Gordon Green has admitted early drafts tried to incorporate all the previous entries. However, the continuity is so twisted and confusing at this point the decision was made to start fresh and make it an alternate sequel to the 1978 movie instead, though it will have Easter egg references to the other sequels too.

Release Date:

. Halloween (2018) release date: Oct 19, 2018