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    The best movies of summer 2017, according to Rotten Tomatoes

    Depending on who you ask, Rotten Tomatoes is either one of the best or worst things to happen to cinema today. It spelled the death of films like The Dark Tower and Baywatch this summer. But it also lifted up good movies like Wonder Woman and Dunkirk.

    The US movie-review site aggregates reactions from film critics into a consensus score that’s illustrated by either a “fresh” or “rotten” tomato to give moviegoers a rough idea of what to expect in theaters. This summer, US audiences aligned behind well-received big-budget films that took risks and broke from the tired storylines that Hollywood had been relying on.

    Most of Rotten Tomatoes’ 10 best-reviewed wide-releases of the summer ranked among the top-grossing films of the season, domestically, or performed better than expected during a period plagued by disappointing box-office turnouts.

    The best movies of summer 2017,as per Rotten Tomatoes

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