Ben Schwartz will provide the voice for Sonic in Sonic the Hedgehog. Paramount is bringing one of Sega's biggest characters to the big screen next year like never before. The studio is currently filming the live-action/CGI hybrid movie, but they've done so without announcing who will actually be playing the titular character. That wasn't a pressing issue as it is a voice only role, which shifted the studio's focus on casting the main characters.

The lead human role is going to be played by James Marsden of recent Westworld acclaim. He's playing a cop who befriends the speeding hedgehog. Marsden's already been seen filming and possibly interacting with the green-suit stand-in for Sonic. And while it's unlikely the voice actor will now take this role, Sonic officially does have a voice.

Variety reports Ben Schwartz is joining Sonic the Hedgehog as the voice of Sonic. Schwartz is no stranger to voice only roles, but this iconic role is on a new level. He's previously done voice work for DuckTales and BoJack Horseman, although most people will first associate him with his role as Jean-Ralphio on Parks and Recreation.

This is a role that Schwartz should have no trouble nailing either. He always brings a comedic sensibility and energy to his roles, which should fit in great with Sonic. There's no word on if he'll use his regular voice or if he'll make any modifications to it to help make Sonic's voice stand out. Regardless of how he sounds, Schwartz is a nice, under-the-radar choice for Sonic the Hedgehog, after already securing bigger stars for other main roles. Schwartz joins Marsden as the leads of the movie, but they're not the only ones who already joined the cast. Jim Carrey joined the film earlier to play the villain Dr. Robotnik, marking his first major blockbuster in years. There's also Tika Sumpter, who will play the female lead in the film.

Since Sonic the Hedgehog is sure to have more than four characters, additional cast members are likely to be named later on. Plus, if the movie is going to include some of Sonic's usual group of friends, who would also be CGI creations, then more voice roles could be among the parts yet to be announced. All in all, Sonic the Hedgehog looks to be coming together rather nicely for Paramount. They tapped Tim Miller's collaborator Jeff Fowler as the director, while the Deadpool filmmaker is serving as an executive producer.

Release Date:

. Sonic the Hedgehog (2019) release date: Nov 15, 2019